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Single Big Bertha 2.0 Fender with Boatswains Mate Bungee

Single Big Bertha 2.0 Fender with Boatswains Mate Bungee

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Let's Tie Up Big Bertha 2.0 Fenders with a single BM Bungee

Ladies and Gentlemen, we did it again.  We went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned and recreated what an inflatable fender should have been all along.  With an extremely tough and reinforced connection point, a twice as thick shell as the original Big Bertha's, will leave you in awe of how tough and protective these new 2.0's are.  

Designed with the same material everyone loved as our original fenders, these fenders are 4-5 times thicker than our original XL's and twice as thick as our original Big Bertha's.  They provide maximum protection for gelcoat, paint, and are much less susceptible to punctures. Like our originals, these inflate and deflate within 90 seconds to give you access to an enormous fender for maximum protection, all while saving you tons of storage room when you don't need them.  

There are no other inflatable fenders out, that are as durable or offer the protection that these 2.0's do.  What is a stress-free day of knowing your boat is properly protected worth to you?  30-day satisfaction guarantee or we will give you a full refund.

Recommended for boats 14'-50'

Each fender comes with a 3' multi-loop 3/8” BM bungee able to attach to the handle for perfect placement alongside the boat. No more lines all over the place or over crowded cleats trying to compete for space.  

Let’s Tie Up fenders were designed to work the most efficiently with our Boatswains Mate bungees and Boat-2-Boat bungee system.  Simply attach the Boatswains Mate bungee (Multi-loop bungee) to the handle of the fender and set it at the desired height.  Utilizing our bungees over traditional lines, allows the bungee to flex with the movement of the boat, all while allowing the fender to stay in the most ideal protective position. Traditional lines pull fenders up and down with the movements of the boat, creating chafing and damage to the gelcoat.


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or return for a full refund, no questions asked!

  • Protect your boat with our huge inflatable fenders.  They are made of tough but soft, environmentally friendly PVC so that you don't scratch or damage your gelcoat like the traditional hard rubber and plastic fenders do.
  • Maintain proper distance between each boat while tied up to other or the dock
  • They can inflate up to 24-28" in diameter.  If you don't want them that big simply stop at the desired size and firmness you would like.
  • Save storage space in your boat by simply deflating them when you no longer need them.  
  • Inflates/Deflates in less than 90 seconds
  • Each fender comes with an extra plug and plug puller

Big Bertha fenders come with a one year warranty when used with our patent pending Boatswains Mate bungees. 

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