About us

Let’s Tie Up is a small company with a big vision, veteran owned and family operated our mission is to bring people together on the water.  Eric has an infinite love for the water, while he served in the US Coast Guard as a coxswain on five different vessels ranging from 25-55’ he knew he wanted to stay close to the water even after the military.  In 2014 he bought his first boat, introducing his “timid to water” wife to the lifestyle he has always dreamed of living.  They quickly fell in love with surfing and socializing on the water.  In 2017 while on a family vacation to Chelan the Blecker’s pondered “how can we go to any lake or body of water and find people who want to socialize while on the water?”  This was the point where we named this idea “Let’s Tie Up” and started to lay the ground work for Let’s Tie Up.

The idea of an app was entertained, however one of the biggest obstacles to overcome was lack of service in some of the more remote lakes and rivers.  As summer flowed into fall, ideas bounced around the house.  How do we bring this idea and concept to the boating world. That’s when the simple, yet effective idea was had, A FLAG!  The neon green colored flag makes it easily identifiable across the water.  The flag is a visual indicator of this very concept.  Tying up, rafting up, linking up has been done for a while however it can be awkward and intimidating for some people. The flag eliminates this issue and can be the ice breaker and an open invite to other boaters.

2019 we launched the Let’s Tie Up flag, traveling to Lake Havasu for the season opener and then throughout the Pacific Northwest for the remainder of the season.  While we hosted our own tie ups and attended multiple boating events one thing was abundantly clear, most folks do not know how to properly tie up.  We encountered a wide variety of boaters with all levels of experience.   This observation had the wheels turning again.  Even though we had upgraded our first boat to one with a taller free board, we still needed more protection from other boats we may tie up to.  Another notable issue we found was over crowded cleats and improper securement with lines.  Down the rabbit hole Eric went.  It led to Let’s Tie Up developing complete tie up packages that take only the size of one traditional fender, saving you tons of precious storage space in your boat.  These same packages protect boats while tied up and moored better than anything else out on the market.

Let’s Tie Up’s vision is simple, we want our logo and flag to be recognized as an invite to socialize and network with others who share the common love of boating, all while simplifying the process and properly being able to protect our beloved vessels....  So, Let's Tie Up!