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Cushion Coozie's

Cushion Coozie's

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Introducing the Cushion Coozie boat seat cover - the ultimate solution for protecting your seats and keeping them cool during the hot summer months. Made from high-quality, breathable polyamide and polyester fabric, this cover provides a barrier between your boat's seats and the scorching summer sun.

Upgrade your boating experience with our premium marine, handmade, cushion covers.  Protection and comfort in one.

Not only does the Cool Comfort cover protect your boat's vinyl from fading, but it also eliminates the uncomfortable heat that can build up on your boat's seats during the hottest days of the year. With its unique design, the cover allows for air circulation and heat dissipation, ensuring that your boat's seats stay cool and comfortable all day long.

Easy to install and remove, the Cushion Coozie is a must-have for any boat owner who wants to keep their seats in pristine condition and enjoy a comfortable ride on the water. Whether you're fishing, cruising, or just soaking up the sun, the cool comfort cover is the perfect companion for your boat's seats. Don't let the heat ruin your boating experience – Try your Cushion Coozie out today!

Cushion Coozie's have plenty of stretch, making them extremely universal, due to all manufactures having slightly different shaped seats. 

For custom logo printing, shapes or sizes email for more info.

To eliminate any possibility of dye bleeding with our dark Valkyrie/Black, please follow fit and wash instructions included with purchase. Cushion Coozie's are not intended for long term use.

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