Boatswains Mate Bungee Single

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Let's Tie Up's Boatswains Mate (BM) Bungees

  • The jack of all bungees, this bungee is the most universal marine bungee made.  These are designed for fender placement for varying freeboards. They can be used for tons of different applications, ranging from docking, hanging fenders, securing gear, securing your inflatable water toys and tubes to your boat or each other, rigging flag poles to board racks...your imagination is the limit and the list is infinite.
  • Interlink multiple BM bungees for any desired length
  • Not recommended to tie up with or a replacement of our Boat-2-Boat bungees. The Boat-2-Boat bungees are the strongest rated bungee that we offer 
  • Constructed with high end industrial equipment and absolutely no metal anywhere, leads to a bungee that is extremely tough and will never scratch or damage your boat
  • Comes in 3' length,  100% elongation +/- 10%
  • Can be used on boats, PWC, kayaks, dinghies, and skiffs



  • 3/8" Custom black shock cord 
  • Diameter of approximately 9.5mm
  • Custom silicone protective sleeve
  • Inner Core is high quality rubber capable of 100% elongation +/- 10%
  • Mold, mildew, rot and UV resistant
  • Color will not bleed
  • Nylon woven outer sheath
  • Made in the USA


Note: Bungees not recommended for vessels weighing more than 15,000 pounds or any boats in extremely fast running currents.  Use bungees at your own risk, and always keep an eye on the wear and tear on them, just like you would on any other piece of your deck gear.  Do not use them if they get damaged for any reason as they will not hold your intended load properly.