Big Bertha Basic Package

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Big Bertha Fenders Basic Package

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are stoked to bring you Let's Tie Up's biggest, thickest and most durable inflatable fenders made.  Designed with the same material as our original fenders, just three times thicker, they provide maximum protection for gelcoat, paint, and are much less susceptible to punctures. Like our originals, these inflate and deflate within 90 seconds to give you access to an enormous fender for maximum protection, all while saving you tons of storage room when you don't need them.  Our Big Bertha Fenders are three times as thick as our original XL inflatable fenders.  There are no other  inflatable fenders out, that are as durable or offer the protection that the Big Bertha's do.  What is a stress free day of knowing your boat is properly protected worth to you?  We guarantee you'll love them or we will give you a full refund!!



            The Basic Package will take care of protecting all 4 corners of any boat that enjoys tying up or being able to dock with extra piece of mind.  Each fender simply inflates and deflates in 90 seconds to allow the utilization of a 28” fenders all while being at to save a ton of precious storage room.  Each package will come in a custom 16x30” heavy duty storage bag with a drawstring for easy storage and to keep everything organized when they are not being used.  

Save $28 with this package

Package includes

(4) Big Bertha Fenders
(1) Air Pump to inflate/deflate fenders
(1) 16x30" Heavy duty storage bag to keep everything in one place and organized


  • Protect your boat with our huge extra thick inflatable fenders, made of tough but soft, environmentally friendly PVC to prevent gelcoat and fiberglass damage
  • Maintain safer distances between other boats or docks while tied up 
  • Inflatable up to 24-28" in diameter. Adjustable to desired diameter and firmness
  • Save storage space by using the supplied pump to deflate them when no longer in use
  • Inflates/Deflates in less than 90 seconds
  • Each fender comes with an extra plug and plug puller

Bumpers and Bungees come with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or full refund!

Big Bertha fenders come with a 1 year manufacture warranty if used as intended with our Boatswains Mate bungees. 

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Mark B.
United States United States
Won’t leave home without it!

A must if you don’t want dock rash or boat rash when you’re tied up with other boats. If you don’t have, get! You won’t be disappointed.

Matt H.
United States United States
Friends recommendation

Have not used yet but witnessed use of fenders that a friend had, was convinced to get some when I saw them perform in 25 mph winds outside the breakwater of dock at Fisherman’s bay on Lopez Island. Also like they can be inflated then deflated to store in about 90 seconds, have inflated one do far but have yet to deflate.

United States United States
The perfect package

This is the perfect package to have if you care about your boat at all. The bungees are awesome and the fenders provide a ton of coverage. I never worry about my boat and the boat I am tied up to while using these. I have had different style of bungees and fenders over the years and these sre by far the best for both. Anyone who has tied up with me always wants them after the tie up is over.

Justin W.
United States United States

I might not have the biggest/baddest/newest BOAT but it’s OUR absolute baby & I always stress on someone or something bumping it and doing damage! I take immaculate care of our rig (let’s be honest no one cares ab MY BOAT AS MUCH AS I DO)! Literally the large fenders have been the BEST lake purchase ever!!!!! ...serious my balls are the envy of New Melones & Local Lakes! People are always asking where I got them and to pass along the info!!!!! EASY AS HECK TO FILL (pump included) and they are beyond simple to use! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM - PLUS durable as heck! When finished deflate and they disappear in a small compartment!!!!! One of the best attributes is that you can leave boards on the rack since they create such separation. We were tied up w multiple boats and towed close to a mile w them in between...worked perfectly. THANKS LETS TIE UP | y’all killed it!

Eric S.
United States United States

Tying boats together can be one of the most stressful things you do on the water. The thought of just not your boat but someone's else boat being damaged throughout the day can be stressful if not done properly. Well this is your answer, the proper way to tie up. I tie up to a verity of boats, wakeboard, pontoons, large cruisers. With these bumpers it's a breeze to pull up and you will always have proper clearance. Spend less time tying up and worrying about waves, spend more time enjoying the lake.